Keep Your Boredom at Bay by Downloading top 8 Games APK for free

Keep Your Boredom at Bay by Downloading top 8 Games APK for free
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Playing games has been the best mode of refreshment for ages. Whether it’s outdoor sports like cricket and football or indoor chess or ludo games, people have been found relishing themselves in their spare time with numerous types of games. Today, people have tight professional schedules and enormous personal commitments to take care of, but the desire to relax and chill for some time always exists.

In recent times, when everyone is locked inside the house due to the pandemic, the form of gaming has changed, but the purpose is still the same – to get refreshed.

According to Mid-day, the online gaming industry in India is growing at a yearly rate of 23%, becoming the next big thing. As a result, more and more gaming companies are looking forward to introducing more and more games for gamers to enjoy, especially now when no one is allowed to step out and meet friends for a hangout. 

Well, when these games are being developed, the first thing that is kept in mind is that it is accessible to gamers from all economic sections of society. And this is what makes the games compatible with Android devices, which are most leniently priced for the common population. While a few games want gamers to subscribe to proceed, there are a few top games APK available for free.

To ensure you don’t get confused, the APK file is an app already created for Google’s mobile OS, Android. These apps are inbuilt in some cases or have to be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Top 8 Games APK for free Download

If you are looking for the best options of top APK games to keep your boredom at bay, here is a list of some games that you can play and enjoy either alone with stranger players or with your gang. This list ranges from shooting games to puzzle games to rummy to everything you might want to enjoy.

1. Call of Duty: Mobile

The mobile version of this game is accessible to all and has become quite popular since it emerged as an online game. Along with the common classic online FPS PvP mode, the mobile form of this game also has a 100-player battle royale mode, which you also find on the PUBG Mobile option. Though the game has in-app purchases options, gamers can still enjoy the best graphics and have the best gaming experience on their phones for free. 

2. Carrom

Remember how you and your gang enjoyed carrom games together on weekends? If you miss those days, online carrom gaming will help you to relive those moments without having to come in direct contact. Four of you can team up once again to chase the men in black and white along with the queen. The game of carrom is available for free online. You can download carrom app today and start playing. To connect with your friends, you will require sharing an online generated code with them to enter the same game room. As soon as they are there, you can begin.


With 100 players playing against each other, the PUBG mobile version has become an all-time favorite of gamers. On an island with weapons, tactical gear, and vehicles, the players can choose tools they would like to attack the enemies. With multiple maps and modes, this game has become one of the best choices for the players out there.

4. Ludo

Well, when you are bored of the shooting games, you can sit back, relax, and play online ludo. Gather virtually and start your game. Choose your favorite color house to proceed with and cherish those childhood moments again. Though you won’t get a chance to sit together at one table around one board, you can share one virtual room for the game and interact conveniently through the audio facilities. In short, you will never feel you are distant apart from each other.

5. Genshin Impact

This game with a gacha element has come up with the ideal graphics and navigation features. Numerous people accompany you in the sessions whom you can summon as a story continues to play in the background. It comes up with an open-world ambiance and amazing combat mechanics. If you are the one wanting some exciting, thrilling, and adventurous game to play, this action-packed alternative is for you.

6. Chess

One of the best board games to keep your mind storming is chess. It is the game that not only refreshes you but also enhances your cognitive abilities. To win this game, you have to focus on every move your competitor makes. If you miss it, your move might go in the wrong direction. The best thing about this game is that it is available absolutely free of cost for Android devices. You can download a chess app and start playing today.

7. Rummy

On the list of free APK games is online rummy. While most people think that this game is about luck, it is to be understood that this game is all about skills. If you lack observation skills and do not have logical thinking ability, it is tough to win this game. Thus, if you think you have that in you, rummy is free of cost for you to play. In fact, if you are planning for an online game party any time soon, you can ask your friend to gather for an online rummy session.

8. Sudoku

Last but not least on the list is the game of Sudoku. It has been a game for which people waited for daily newspapers to arrive. Due to the pandemic, many people are scared of receiving newspapers from delivery boys and avoiding physical contact with people. In such a scenario, playing Sudoku on a virtual platform and allowing your brain to be active again is great.

If you want to entertain yourself when tired and desire to rejuvenate before you sit for work the next day, the above list of games is perfect for continuing with. Download the app you want and start playing today!

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